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    Is it just an ALM tool?

    Yes, it includes: FTP modules, Interest Rate Risk and Liquidity Risk oriented to balance management.

    What regulation does MAT encompass?

    For liquidity, as well as for interest rates, it currently includes all European regulations, both EBA and Basel. In the future, MAT will also include USA, Mexican and Chilean regulation.

    Can I report to the ALCO committee with the MAT tool?

    Yes, MAT is designed to help ALCO make informed decisions and analyze the impact of different actions, while reducing the various structural risks that occur in the Committee.

    In addition, it is designed to not only for the ALCO committee, but also to respond, in real time, to the requests of senior management by generating ad-hoc reports.

    What servers are necessary?

    MAT servers are in the cloud, which allows for a scalable solution depending on the requirements and needs of each client.

    MAT offers a complete service incorporating help and support in the integration of cloud servers.

    Do you process information at the contract level?

    Yes, all calculations are made at the contract level.

    Can you see it on mobile devices?

    Yes, the information and reports can be viewed on Tablet and PC. Due to the size and complexity of the parameterizations, they can only be parameterized on PC.

    Yes, the information and reports can be viewed on Tablet and PC. Due to the reports size, parameterization is only available on PC.

    Does MAT support?

    Yes, MAT offers help and support in Spanish and English with assistance through 24/7 chat and telephone support.

    Is there documentation on the tool?

    Yes, MAT includes all the necessary documentation on the business rules and quantitative methods used, avoiding becoming a black box for the client.

    How are the help modules in the tool?

    Thanks to our consulting experience in the use of other tools, the help module is one of the points we want to highlight, offering maximum transparency in all calculations to avoid being a question for entities.

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